The differences between a Republican and a Democrat

Republicans protect big business from the people.
Democrats protect the people from big business.

Republicans belive that if they protect big business, by giving them tax breaks and lower envirornmental standards then big business will be able to create more jobs for the people.

Democrats believe in economic policies based on promoting general prosperity and financial responsiblies are shared between the government and the individual.

Many people believe that it doen't matter how they vote, the candidate is just lying anyway. The reasons they believe this are many. One of the main reasons is the negative advertizing of candidates who take out of context sentences and make a sound bite that can be made to make you believe they mean one thing and actually mean the opposite.

Both parties know that it takes taxes to run the government. It just comes down to who is going to pay those taxes. Republicans believe that if they give tax breaks to the rich and powerful people they in turn will create jobs for the rest of us. (The trickle down theory) Democrates believe that the rich and powerful should pay their fair share of tax and use tax breaks to strengthen the middle class.

Republicans favor an authoritarian social agenda, and base their economic strategies on the promotion of Big Business interests.

Democrats are considered the Liberal party, with an agenda of individual liberty, Civil Rights and economic policies based on promoting general prosperity.